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Friday, August 2, 2019

Awesome Selfie Tips Perfect Selfie with Girl Picture

Awesome Quick Selfie Tips For Perfect Selfie

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Best Selfie Poses with Girl Selfie Picture

Awesome Quick Selfie Tips
Awesome Quick Selfie Tips For Perfect Selfie And Best Selfie Poses with Girl Selfie Picture

Selfie Tips  1: Experiment with different Angle

Perfect Selfie
What is your best side?

Show your best angles to get a better selfie Photo Shot. 

If you don’t know what is your best side, best idea snapping

 a few photos of your left, middle side and right sides.

Once if you have done that -- moves the camera upwards and 

continuously tilt your head at different angles to find 

your perfect angle what is.

Mine is my face front side!

Whichever angle you decided on –always  remember to move your 

neck forward so you won’t show off a double chin.

 Selfie Tips  2: Always Stand in the Light

Best Selfie Poses with Girl Selfie

If you don't have great light – must your selfie will be BAD!

It will sure look dark and grainy. 

That is a huge NO-NO if you are trying to look good selfi!

 Always Remember to turn face the light 

instead of turning against the light.

That  means you'll face the window in lew of 

turning your back towards the window. 

Selfie Tips  3:  selfie Pose with Something New

Best Selfie with dog
Just you came back from the salon? It is Time for a selfie!! :) 

Just you got a new pet? It is Time for a selfie!!

Just you got coffee? It is Time for a selfie! 

Just you got a new hat? It is Time for a Best Selfie!

Selfie Tips 4:  Pose with Awesome background

nature Selfie Poses
The first  rules of a selfie is.. you must need an awesome background!

A plain background is acceptable to take selfie at first -- 

but it is gets old after a shot or two.

People will be get bore looking at the same 

background over and over.

For Best Selfie Look for a different and a unique background 

-- and then snap a Perfect selfie!

Selfie Tips 5:  Perfect Selfie  with the back camera

Don't shoot your own selfies with the front camera.

Why not yet?

Because always the back camera has better megapixels -- 

it will allow you to have Best selfie  with  sharper photo resolution.

picture  taken from the front camera aren't the best, 

and they always often turn out grainy.

REMEMBER that-- use your back camera to your advantage.

Selfie Tips 6: USE  Accessorize for best girl selfie

Accessorize are always needed…..

Here are your new best accessorize for Best selfie...

Use Sunglasses

Use Glasses

Use Hat

Use Caps

Use Scarfs

Selfie Tips  7: Group selfies Best selfie

family Selfie
Group Selfies are a great way to add a new 

dimension to your best selfie game.

For these who are camera shy – why not try 

some group selfies to get comfortable before 

you move onto doing your individual selfies.

 Selfie Tips  8: Do Something Interesting

romantic Selfie Tips

Its not mean that you have to jump 

from fifth floor or go to the crocodiles.

Its mean that move your face,

out your tongue,up your hands.

Selfie Tips   9: Take a Full-Body Shot

Ful body shot perfectly represent you so you should.

All legit photographers know about the rule of full shot.

The key is to place your body  in the

 best  side  of a background -- and then snap away better!