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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Perfect Selfie Poses Best style Selfie Images Ever

Top 10 best Selfie Poses Tips 

What Is Selfie?

selfie  a word.when we hear the word we understand it is a  type image,
ordinary selfie  taken with a smart phone. 
selfie   may be taken by own  hand or supported by a selfie sticks .
 which have to connect smartphone and take picture.
Selfies are often shared on social site such as instagram .facebook twitter.

 Best Selfie Images : Best Girl Selfie Picture

Perfect Selfie Poses Tips
Top 10 Perfect Selfie Poses Tips with Best Selfie Images : Best Girl Selfie Picture

History Of Selfie

First selfie was taken In 1839 in America.but the word Selfie was not added any dictionary until 2013.
You will be glad to know that most amazing word  in 2013 the word selfie was added in the OXFORD dictionary
Selfies are now popular with all kinds of one could be found who don't line selfie.

We don’t know that 2014, 'The Year of the Selfie',was declared by twitter.
selfies are popular among both genders and child young and old people.

History Of Selfie

when smartphones provided users with a front and 
rear camera, a lot of things have changed!
And Selfie was born!
Devices for holding smartphones or compact cameras 
called selfie sticks are often need for selfie.
 Day by day selfie are getting more popular with all kinds of people.

Top ten selfie style

Top ten selfie style best selfie

Perfect Selfie is best selfie.To shoot Best Selfie 

you have to know many Selfie Poses.

many of times Girl Selfie got most popular Viral Selfie

and everybody want to do this.

if you like any of the selfie style then share this post with your Best Selfie Pose.
comment below which Selfie Style from 
"Top 10 Perfect Selfie Poses Tips with Best Selfie Images : Best Girl Selfie Picture"
 you like.

selfie style 1: HIDE the Face, and SHOW the Feet LIKE Talking

many Selfie Poses
always I think exceptional When we  think to take a selfie, then immediately comes to mind to take a photo of a person’s face. the truth is,that a selfie is any picture what is taken by yourself, of you. Did you think Why not take a photo of own feet—especially if you want to draw attention to your new pair of shoes? Or if you want to show your sock or shoot a photo of the new bracelet or Fitbit on your wrist or your newly-polished fingernails with style . In your next selfie,you can  challenge yourself to creatively capture yourself by striking a flattering pose and experimenting with different ways to hold your camera. Then, just snap and publish shared on Social Site such as instagram .facebook. twitter!

selfie style 2: best side Selfie

Girl Selfie most popular Viral Selfie
every person have two side but all side are not good have to Show your better side to get a best photo of you.

normally you don’t know your best side, try snapping a few picture of your left, middle and right sides.
Once you’ve done that tnen move the camera upwards and continuously shoot your head at different angle to find your perfect angle and then take picture.
Mine is my front side!

Whichever angle you decide on best  remember to move your neck and leg forward so you won’t show off a double chin in images.

selfie style 3: selfie in water

Perfect Selfie Poses
do you like water if yes then Float on your back in a water pool and shoot down your face. Or prepare a bubble bath and take capture, lie down in the water like in sleep , and take a shot of your own face framed by bubbles. Be careful, though, not to drop your phone in water even you like water !
Showing yourself in water images can be really fun, and it will also makes the photo more unique than the typical point-the-camera-at-me-while-eating-a-cheeseburger selfie.

selfie style 4:  Two-Handed Selfie

Best Girl Selfie
if you are taking a selfie, you generally have two options:first Hold the camera with one hand or hold with two hands. While using two hands is easier to capture because you can hold the camera with one hand and push the shutter release button with the other, you have to be more careful not to cover up the lens otherwise you will capture your finger.
If you are using both hands and pull the camera away from your body, your arms can be act as a frame.

selfie style 5: Selfie of the Selfie

Best Selfie
One serious fun idea that I haven't seen very often is to have someone take a picture of you taking a selfie.  It's a really flattering look and is really joyful.
If you are buying a selfie stick and taking selfie with stick when you are shooting another hand selfie I happen to really like

selfie style 6:.Crop in close

hottest selfie
You can solve many problems by cropping images on your face in the shot.
One professional tips is that if you hold your phone closer to yourself and take picture and it will accentuate features on your face that are closer to the lens and minimize that are further away.  It  that means your nose will look longer and your eyes will looks smaller your check will wide.  Not what you are looking for?  I didn't think that.  An easy way to fix this problem zoom in on your Smartphone lens  just slightly (zooming lens is too much will reduce detail in the capture) and hold the camera far away from your face.  

selfie style 7.Walking  alone

in selfies it is One difficult that the background 
it  is usually busy and distracting.  
 you can often tell that one the person in the photo is r
eaching out to hold the smartphone.  
If you are walking alone then you can take picture its 
looks you are alone and show if you like too.when walking 
alone you can review yourself as a person who never depends on 
other.this selfie pose is best selfie pose in one mind.

selfie style 8 .Selfie in drive

car Selfie
we should never take picture when we are in drive but we can if take selfie when car is stop and person are walking side in the will keep your mind fresh when you are find nothing to do or going prepare to visit some historical places or relatives house.

selfie style 9 .Selfie with unknown

soldier Selfie
always we take selfie .we take picture of our own most ogf time.why not we take selfie with stranger it will makes you and stranger both get glads some one it is nice idea.
One day I was passing road then suddenly I think why not take a selfie picture with traffic police.then I do it and its make both us interesting.

selfie style 10.Family selfie

teacher Selfie
just find your cell phone how many selfies are there with your family i think it will below 10. Shoot selfie with your family and post your social site I think it will get best review all time.if you like your whole family then just go and capture selfie .after posting this best selfie you will get all best review and it will create world best selfie photographer.
If you just done thanks to you for your best selfie of the world.

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